Buying electric | hybrid & the infrastructure to support that purchase could cost your organization tens of thousands in additional funds.

About The Seamless Transition

Step 1:

Analyze Your Fleet’s Assets

As consultants to fleets throughout the country, we know data matters! We collect data on every vehicle and piece of heavy equipment in your fleet, scrub it for accuracy, then validate the data with your Fleet Manager. A 10-year projection report is run using our proprietary software. This report shows the optimal time to replace each asset within your fleet. We use six criteria to make smart replacement decisions; using only miles and age is not the most cost-effective method.

Step 2:

Identify Hybrid and Electric Alternatives

Using the data provided from Step One and data science, we consolidate your fleet utilization data to determine the EV suitability of your vehicles. We will provide you with vehicle recommendations and present you with total cost of ownership and GHG emission comparisons for gas vs. electric.

Step 3:

Smart Charging Infrastructure Plan

We thoroughly evaluate your site to determine if potential charging sites are EV ready or not. Using all project data collected, we then determine building load capacity per location. This process creates a smart Future-Ready Infrastructure Plan that will significantly reduce future infrastructure costs and provide better cost controls. Your organization will receive reports in several important areas such as: type of equipment needed, load management, cost reports, and more.

A Complete Plan to your Fleet Electrification.

Making Your Transition SIMPLE!

Easy to understand steps and guidance every step of the way.

We also offer a proprietary educational plan for getting drivers excited about the transition to Hybrid and Electric.

“There is an even cleaner form of energy than the sun, more renewable than the wind: it’s the energy we don’t consume.”

Arthur “Art” H. Rosenfeld

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